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Share the Grace

May 23, 2011 • Rev. Deb Koster


God calls us to faithfully serve others. So who are the others and what kind of service is God expecting out of us? We are each gifted with talents and abilities that God wants us to use for his service. This is more than just using our skills or training in our workplace, but it applies to our home life and relationships as well. God has gifted us for service in these areas too.

God has placed us within relationships and he wants us to be his channels of grace within them. We need to daily be looking to those around us and reaching out to see how we can be administering God’s grace. There are lots of ways that we can bless others in their day. A word of kindness or encouragement can brighten someone’s day. When we simply spend time with someone they feel valued. Any act of kindness is refreshing to someone who is weary from the day. Ask yourself how you can make your spouse’s day better today.

How are you using your gifts to serve your families? Every little way is valuable! Are you being a conduit for God's grace? Our spouse and children will experience God’s grace through us, so let it flow!


Lord God, We thank you for all the ways that you have gifted us. Help us to be a blessing to all those that we interact with. Show us how to be a blessing to our families and to the world around us.


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