Listening Reflectively: How to Listen Well

Rev. Dr. Steven Koster

Are you struggling to listen well to one another? You can improve your listening skills by learning to reflect back the emotions being expressed.

Listening Deflectively: How Not to Listen

Rev. Dr. Steven Koster

Does your relationship lack healthy communication? Evaluate your listening habits to move past deflective listening habits to listen well to one another.

Fences and In-Laws

Rev. Dr. Steven Koster

Is your marriage in need of some protective boundaries? Follow God's design for placing healthy boundaries to care for your marriage relationship.

Why Doesn’t My Spouse Want a Dog?

Rev. Travis Jamieson

Are you and your spouse stuck in a disagreement? Explore your history and take time to understand their perspective to find a loving way to move forward.

Encouragement for Your Family’s Lent and Easter

Christopher Hunt

If your family would like to find focus and encouragement for your observance of Lent and Easter this year check out the articles listed here.

6 Magic Questions to Improve Your Marriage

Rev. Deb Koster

Looking for ways to invest in your marriage? Begin asking these six essential questions to bridge the divide and bring healing to your relationships.

Are Marriages 50/50 Relationships?

Rev. Deb Koster

Is marriage a 50/50 relationship? Consider some wisdom on the hazards of drawing lines in your relationships to guide your marriage in a healthy way.

Patience in Relationships

Rev. Travis Jamieson

Do you struggle with patience in your relationships? Learn how God calls us to live a life centered on Jesus- marked with humility, love, hope, and prayer.

Practicing Assertive Communication

Jalicia Maeweather

Do you struggle with using your voice to speak up for yourself and others? It can be intimidating, but God calls us to use our voice to pursue justice.

God Works Through Weakness

Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

We tend to hide behind our strengths, but we find blessing when we face our weaknesses. God equips us with strength as we acknowledge our weaknesses.

The Benefits of Hardship

Dr. Robert Ritzema

Difficult times can feel overwhelming and test our patience. Yet through hardship, God molds our character and guides us to experience him in new ways.

Not Tonight Honey

Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Is sex absent from your marriage? Looking for ways to increase intimacy? Consider wisdom from Scripture to see the importance of physical relationship.

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