Beginning to Date Again

Amanda Mason

Are you stepping back into the dating world after a previous relationship fails? Consider how you can make wise choices to engage the next season of life.

Getting Ready to Date Again

Amanda Mason

Are you considering dating again and wondering if you are ready? Consider these steps that you can take to be ready for engaging in a new relationship.

Trusting God with Our Children

Nadia Swearingen-Friesen

Our circumstances may feel overwhelming, but God calls us to trust in a greater plan. God loves us and our children and is faithful to care for us all.

When Change Brings Anxiety

Joella Ranaivoson

Are the changes in your life filling you with anxiety? Consider how you can connect with God in the present moment to experience greater peace and joy.

Parenting Better Than We Were Parented

Keren Kanyago

Are you struggling with an abusive past and wondering if you can be a good parent? Consider how you can move beyond past hurts to thrive as a parent.

Pressured by Parental Approval

Jalicia Maeweather

Are you struggling to get the approval of your parents? While we honor our earthly parents, the only parental approval we need is from our Heavenly Father.

Embracing the Gift of God's Word

Rev. Deb Koster

Are you struggling to find time for Bible reading? Discover the joy of the psalmist in Psalm 119 and begin embracing the gift of God's word in your life.

Using Scripture at Home

Rev. Dr. Steven Koster

One of the blessings of the Reformation was God's word being placed into the everyday life of families. How are you making use of God's word in your home?

Should I Provide Financial Help for an Adult Child?

Dr. Robert Ritzema

Wondering if you should financially help an adult child? Thoughtfully consider how to come alongside to encourage independence instead of hindering it.

Finding your place as a parent of adult children

Kim Sullivan

Are you struggling with navigating the transition to parenting adult children? Explore some truths from scripture for making the transition smoother.

Waiting on God to Hear My Prayers

Amanda Rawson

Are you weary from waiting for answers to your prayers? Waiting is challenging, but God is near through the hard seasons shaping us to be more like Jesus.

Finding Time for Spiritual Growth

Rev. Deb Koster

Do you struggle to find time to spend alone with God? Consider these ways that you can invest in a relationship with God to guide you to grow spiritually.

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