Adjusting to the Demands of Caregiving

Ardella Perry-Osler

Caregiving for a family member can be a significant undertaking. Weigh the costs to share the workload so that you have support through a difficult season.

Helping a Child Grieve

Rev. Travis Jamieson

Are you worried about how to help your child grieve a loss? Tune in to your child and the emotions they are feeling to help your child process loss.

Your Money Or Your Marriage?

Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Since money is a frequent cause of marital conflict, Christian couples should follow godly principles and practice teamwork in their handling of finances.

Wise Financial Practices for Your Household

Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Are you struggling to manage money in your marriage? Consider biblical principles for making wise financial choices that can reduce conflicts about money.

Sabbath Transforms Us

Rev. Travis Jamieson

Is your life feeling stressed? Things can feel overwhelming without the sabbath rhythms of drawing near to God in prayer and delighting in God's presence.

Busy Weekends and Observing the Sabbath

Nadia Swearingen-Friesen

Does your family life feel over-scheduled? Discover the value that God places on rest and look for ways to integrate rest into your family calendar.

Navigating Disrespect

Rev. Deb Koster

Are people treating you with disrespect? Learn from the instructions of Jesus to discern how to hold others accountable and create healthy relationships.

Proving Ground for Loving Your Enemies

Rev. Travis Jamieson

Church should be a place where we experience the generous welcome of Jesus. Sometimes it feels more like a community where we learn to love our enemies.

Living with Self-Doubt

Rev. Kelly Vander Woude

Do you find yourself caught up in self-doubt? Consider this wisdom from God's word to help you navigate your doubts and lean on God's plan for strength.

Setting Aside Shame

Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Overwhelmed with shame? Shame can hurt us and our relationships. Consider how God actually views us and let that love transform you and your relationships.

How to Leave a Church Family and Find a New One

Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Are you feeling ready to leave your church family? Goodbyes can be hard so consider how you can leave well and find a new faith community for your family.

When Should I Leave My Church?

Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Are you discerning if it is time to leave your church community? Evaluate the choice wisely to discern what is the best faith home for you and your family.

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