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Starting the Day Off Right

May 19, 2011 • Rev. Deb Koster


How does the day start at your home? Do you hit the snooze on your alarm clock a few times until you are late enough that you need to run out the door to your morning obligations? Coffee may appear to be a higher need than prayer sometimes!  Does your family see God’s love through your morning interactions?

We hear in scripture the blessing of being in a relationship with God and communicating regularly with him, but do we live like we understand that?  If we live in communication with God, we will become more like him.  Do you start your day with an awareness of being in his presence?  Are you so diligent in prayer that the devil shudders when your feet hit the floor in the morning?

We need to live our day with an awareness that this day is a gift from God and we need to work to live our life for his glory. Will you begin your day in prayer with your God?  I can guarantee that it will give you more peace in your day that hitting the snooze button another time!

We also need to lead our families to start each day in God’s presence. Will you hold your spouse’s hands to pray over breakfast?  Praying together not only connects us to God, but also to each other.  Prayer is the spiritual cement that binds us together.  Will you ask your spouse how you can pray for them during your day? Will you pray a blessing over your children before they head out the door to school? There are many ways to direct our family to an awareness of God, but the task begins with us.

It is important to encourage each other in the development of our spiritual gifts. Our spouse is in a unique role to help us grow spiritually. How can you encourage each other today?


Lord, Help us to start our day with an awareness of your presence. May we begin each day by recommitting to serve you with all the gifts that you have given us.


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