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Making a Fresh Start

January 2, 2011 • Rev. Deb Koster


The New Year is a marker for making changes in our life. We choose to focus on getting in shape, losing those last few pounds, or maybe making this the year we finally get organized. Many diets and exercise programs begin and end the same week, sometimes the same day! We start strong and soon our self control and motivation wane and we give up.  Will this be true for the spiritual goals we seek?

In Christ we become a new creation. Our old self is put to death. We are daily being transformed into this new creation. This transformation is not accomplished by our own determination and self control, but by the power of the Holy Spirit living within us. Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to transform your life?

If we want our marriages to be strong and to weather the test of time, we need them to be infused with God’s transforming power. Research identifies shared spiritual practice as a strong indicator for successful marriages. Do you invite the Spirit into your marriage?

It’s great if we can establish daily spiritual practice together, but sometimes the business of our life does not allow that. Be flexible. Continue spiritual practices together even if you don’t do it perfectly. Are their areas of your life that you are resisting this transformation? There may be interruptions that we should reevaluate or priorities we should realign. Are we encouraging our spouse to cultivate their spiritual life? This doesn’t mean complaining or nagging, but encouraging our spouses to use their gifts and talents in God’s service.


Gracious Lord, Transform us into your image. May we become renewed by your Spirit to shine as your new creation in this New Year.


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