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Hidden Dirt

May 23, 2011 • Rev. Deb Koster


Cleaning carpets around our house yesterday was eye opening. It is shocking how much dirt hides in there! It made me think of how much dirt is hidden in our own lives. We look good on the outside yet we hide a lot of dirt within us too. We put on a good outward appearance, but within lurks all kinds of dirt we don’t want to be seen. We have thoughts that are less than pure or kind. We desire things that we know are outside of God’s plan. We ignore the needs of those we should care for, while indulging our every whim. We live in conflict with our neighbor, holding on to anger and bitterness.  Are there areas of your relationships that you don’t want God to see?

What an impressive request to ask God to look into all those hidden areas.  Are we able to ask with the psalmist? Do we really want God to test us? That is a really difficult request. It takes a lot of trust to allow God into those hidden areas of our life. Are you brave enough to let Christ clean your spiritual carpets? Are you willing to let God examine all those places? Sometimes we prefer to keep God separate. We want God for Sunday worship and to fix things here and there, but we don’t want him to invade the rest of our lives.

When we allow him access to our heart, he is transformative. Are you ready to be changed?  What a blessing it is to us when we allow him to sweep those corners clean. When God steps in and changes our thoughts, our actions follow. Are you ready for restoration of your relationships? Are you brave enough to pray this prayer today?!


Gracious Lord, We know that you desire to have all of us. Help us to pray for your cleansing of all the dark corners of our being. Show us where we need to grow and change. Restore us to you and to one another.


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