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Finding Rest

May 18, 2011 • Rev. Deb Koster


Are you feeling weary today? We find that there are times when we are too exhausted to function well. Life starts getting crazy with so many projects and responsibilities calling for our attention. Sometimes we just want to yell “Stop the world I need to get off!”

There are times when the rest we need is physical. We can get exhausted due to long hours of work or dealing with sick children.  We know how a few hours of sleep becomes a treasure when we are deprived of sleep for even one night.

So often in our lives we need relief from the emotional burdens that we carry. Jesus invites the weary and burdened to come to him and find rest. There is no pain or struggle that is too big for him to carry. Jesus wants to carry these burdens for us. How awesome is that? It is an awesome sense of relief when we are able to release our burdens to God.

There is also nothing too trivial for him to care about.  We are asked to take all of our cares to God and to allow him to carry them for us. What a blessing when we are able to hand them over!

Do you have burdens that you need to give to Jesus to carry? Don’t miss out on God’s peace by trying to carry your burdens alone.  The peace that comes from spending time in prayer is worth every bit of our investment. What will you bring to God in prayer today?


Gracious Lord, Thank you for your willingness to carry our burdens and provide us with emotional refreshment.


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