Faith Lessons from the First Christmas

Christopher Hunt

December 24, 2023

Kim Sullivan has been one of our more prolific writers at Family Fire. Coming from a background of homeschooling and nonprofit management, Kim tackles topics of parenting, marriage, spirituality, and family intimacy with sensitivity and biblical insight. One of her favorite topics is family holiday celebrations, especially Christmas. Kim has written a series of articles about the first Christmas from the perspective of the cast of participants and witnesses: Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and wise men, and Simeon and Anna. We’ve taken this opportunity to curate these encouraging articles for you right here.

Parenting Lessons from Mary, the Mother of Jesus -- No one has a more first-hand account of the first Christmas than Mary, the mother of Jesus. God hand-picked Mary to bear and raise the Son of God. What does the Bible say about Mary as a mother?

Faith Lessons from Joseph -- Joseph, the father of Jesus, had dreams for his life with Mary. But then that future seemed in jeopardy and certain beliefs that Joseph had founded his life upon now seemed to be in question.

Faith Lessons from Shepherds -- The shepherds made their living out of watching. What could surprise them? Then, right in the middle of their nightly duties, God gives them the surprise of a lifetime.

Three Lessons from the Wise Men -- Mysterious and magnificent, the Magi made a lifestyle out of finding significant moments in time. They wanted to be witnesses to an historical event foretold in the heavens.

Faith Lessons from Simeon -- Simeon, an often overlooked Christmas character, exhibits the patience and trust in God, and dependence upon God’s Spirit to see his promise fulfilled.

Faith Lessons from Anna -- Anna was old and widowed. She spent all her time at the temple. Perhaps, what she did seemed insignificant to those around her, but God rewarded her with the privilege of welcoming the Messiah.

We hope these insightful articles by Kim Sullivan will help you enjoy a deeper Christmas this year. Check out more Family Fire articles by Kim Sullivan right here.

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