Christian Parenting: Helping Children and Teens with Grief and Loss

Christopher Hunt

June 10, 2024

In recent years, my family has become more and more acquainted with grief as relatives and friends have passed away. It’s been important to discern how we process our grief together as a family. One challenge is that children often mask their feelings, seeming to bear up in the face of loss, but in fact, have no idea how to process what they’re experiencing. The articles below offer starting points for parents to help their families and each other process their grief.

Navigating Grief: Families in the Shadow of Death, by Rev. Dr. Steven Koster -- Grief is a natural and inevitable part of life. We need to grieve, but in Christ we do not grieve without hope.

Talking to Children about Death
, by Rev. Joel Vande Werken -- Parents face the particular challenge of explaining death to young children and helping them grieve the loss. Many parents hesitate, afraid they will somehow cause emotional harm to their child.

Family Grieving: Navigating Loss Together
, by Kim Sullivan -- Grief is a universal experience. When families are grieving together, it requires grace and compassion.

How to Help a Grieving Child
, by Mimi Larson -- A child’s reaction to loss and grief differs from those of an adult. Here are some suggestions to consider when helping a child who is grieving.

Helping a Child Grieve
, By Rev. Travis Jamieson -- There are moments no parenting class can prepare us for. How do we help our kids feel safe when in reality safety is not guaranteed?

Helping Teens Cope with Grief, by Rev. Deb Koster -- Grief brings new, heavy emotions to the surface. As they process these emotions, teens may respond in unhealthy ways.

Helping Your Marriage Navigate the Death of a Child
, by Rev. Deb Koster -- The death of a child is one of the most stressful challenges that a relationship can endure. Navigating grief can bring you closer if you care for each other as you walk through your pain.

4 Tips To Help Families Cope With the Loss of a Pet
, by Kim Sullivan -- Pets add life, color, and comfort to our homes. Here are four tips to help your family cope when it’s time to say goodbye to one of your beloved friend.

Has someone you love passed away? Or do you need to support someone who is grieving? Check out these free, 31-day prayer guides from the ReFrame Prayer Ministry:

“Prayers of Comfort for a Grieving Heart”
uses Scripture to help you express your grief to God in prayer.

“Prayers of Compassion for Someone Who is Grieving”
helps you use Scripture to intercede in prayer on behalf of someone you love.

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