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Jordan An

May 19, 2023

Mentorship occurs when someone in a particular context, like work, education, church, and maybe even life in general, intentionally shares their insight to help someone else grow and develop toward their full potential. Christian mentoring is simply when one who is more mature in their faith invests in the faith and character of a younger Christian. We might also call this discipleship. As believers, God calls us to support, encourage, and guide one another in our faith journeys. Mentoring relationships also allow us to pass on the faith we’ve received to the next generation–whether that be to our kids, grandkids, or in relationships with other young people in our lives.

But what does mentoring look like practically? Do you have to be a “perfect Christian” to be qualified to mentor someone else?

If you desire to share your Christian faith by mentoring someone or seek someone to mentor you, consider this Biblical wisdom and practical next steps for navigating the mentoring process:

Why Mentoring Matters

Have you ever wondered why we are called to mentor others, or if mentoring others really makes a difference? Explore four compelling reasons why mentoring should matter to Christians and why it is worth investing time and energy in the lives of others.

Equipping for Mentoring

Do you recognize the importance of mentoring, but feel poorly equipped or under qualified to become a mentor yourself? Find out how the Fruits of the Spirit describe the characteristics of a mentor. “If you are a Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, you are equipped to be a mentor.”

Follow Me As I Follow Christ

As a parent, you may feel ill-equipped to be a mentor and good example for your child. After all, we’re all imperfect and often make mistakes. So how can we confidently tell our children to “Follow my example of following Christ”? In this article, Rev. Deb Koster shares six ways that parents can model Christ to their children while offering themselves grace along the way.

Choosing a Mentor

What does a good mentor even look like? What qualities should you look for as you choose a mentor to speak into your life? What makes for a good mentor to walk alongside you or a family member? Explore with our author the necessary traits for being an effective faith mentor.

Qualities of a Good Mentee

Are you interested in how to get the most out of a mentoring relationship? Successful mentoring requires more than just a willing mentor, it also takes some intentional investment on the part of the mentee. Consider these three essential qualities for investing in the process of being mentored.

Mentoring Faith in Young People

“A large percentage of young people who attend church youth-group programs leave the faith within a few years of high school graduation.” So what can Christian adults (whether parents, grandparents, or friends) do to make an impact on the young people around them and encourage them in their faith? This article offers six practical suggestions for mentoring the young people in your life.

Multi-Generational Mentoring

“How do we get the next generation to embrace faith? How do we keep our kids invested in the life of the church?” Rev. Deb Koster talks about how nine tangible ways churches can best serve young people by fostering multi-generational mentoring relationships, rather than adding more programs and events.

Mentoring is not reserved for "perfect Christians.” God will use any believer who has the desire to grow in their faith and help others do the same. As we model the wisdom of Scripture, the Holy Spirit will produce fruit in us to become effective mentors who pass on our faith to the next generation.

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