Articles about Parenting Teens

2022-11-13 Living into the Authority God Established for Families
2022-09-11 Magic Words to Improve Your Relationships
2022-09-04 Communicating with College Kids From a Distance
2022-08-24 Two Obstacles to Raising Resilient Girls
2022-08-21 How to Raise Resilient Girls
2022-07-13 God, Help Me Protect My Kids!
2022-06-19 Guiding Teens to Manage their Sexual Desires
2022-05-08 Establishing Healthy Screen-Time Habits For Children
2022-05-01 Balancing the Mother Load
2022-02-23 How to Parent When You Disagree
2022-02-09 Parenting a Child in College
2022-02-06 Helping Your Child Choose a College
2022-01-26 Caring for Your Child with an Addiction
2022-01-23 How Do I Help My Child Process Trauma?
2021-10-13 Nurturing Faith by Challenging and Encouraging
2021-10-10 8 Scripture Promises for Christian Parents
2021-09-08 Making Scripture the Parenting Authority in Your Home
2021-08-18 Nine Conversations to Have With Your College-Bound child.
2021-08-15 Launching College Kids
2021-08-11 Should Parents Have Favorites?
2021-07-28 Is it okay for my child to explore other faith traditions?
2021-07-07 How Do I Cope with The Shame of My Child's Choices?
2021-06-27 Why Mentoring Matters
2021-06-16 Helping Kids Discover Their Gifts
2021-06-13 Parenting With the Grain
2021-05-26 Building God's Kingdom Through Mundane Parenting Tasks
2021-05-23 Creating a Healthy Work Ethic
2021-03-24 Battling a Negative Body Image
2021-03-14 How Do I Raise My Child to Embrace Faith?
2021-03-10 Helping Your Teen Gain Self-Worth
2021-02-17 Six Steps to Inspiring Spiritual Growth in Your Family
2021-02-07 How do I help my young adult gain a healthy sense of self-worth?
2021-01-27 Becoming a Shepherding Parent
2021-01-10 What’s Your Emotional Bank Balance?
2020-11-22 8 Things Your Kids Will Complain About Now and Thank You for Later
2020-10-21 Am I Being an Overprotective Parent?
2020-08-26 Parenting our Grieving Teens
2020-08-23 Does My Child Need Counseling?
2020-08-05 Preparing Your Family To Return To School In A Covid World
2020-06-21 Help for Parents: Persevering Through Challenges
2020-05-03 Caring for Others Requires Caring for Ourselves
2020-03-25 Healing Binge Eating: A Journey Toward Wholeness
2020-03-01 Helping Our Children Mature
2020-01-26 Embracing the Empty Nest
2020-01-19 Loving Your Prodigal Child
2019-07-24 Caring for the Emotional Struggles of Generation Z
2019-07-14 Rules for Children Online
2019-07-07 Why Kids Need to Friend Their Parents Online
2019-05-05 My Beautiful Girl: Discovering a Biblical View of Beauty
2019-03-13 Lazy or Depressed?
2019-02-24 Teenagers and Attitude
2018-11-04 How Parents Can Help Teens Redeem Their Use of Technology
2018-09-19 Relinquishing Control of Adult Children
2018-07-29 Parenting Teens for the Faint of Heart
2018-01-22 Stop Making Comparisons
2017-12-30 Struggle Together: Talking with our Youth about Suicide
2017-10-23 Becoming Stewards of God’s Gifts
2017-09-11 Four Keys to Becoming a Better Parent
2017-05-08 Teaching Our Children Respect
2017-05-04 Honest Advice to Teens About Getting What You Want
2017-03-02 Praying for Prodigal Children
2017-01-26 Help Your Children Gain Independence
2016-07-25 Grieving Unfulfilled Expectations for a Child
2016-07-06 A Christian Parent’s Response to Authority
2016-07-04 5 Don’ts of Family Rule Making
2016-06-09 Giving Our Blessing
2016-06-06 How to Support Your College Graduate
2016-05-12 Delegation: Lessons from Moses in Sharing the Work
2016-05-02 Empty Nest: From a Single Parent’s Perspective
2016-04-07 Teaching Your Children to Value Your Instruction
2016-03-17 Parenting Adult Children: Lessons from King Lear
2015-11-12 Setting Boundaries with Adult Children
2015-09-10 Spiritual Formation Using C.S. Lewis
2015-09-03 Fostering Independence in Teens: A Gift Before They Go
2015-08-31 Guiding Wayward Children: Advice From the Lion King
2015-07-02 Bullying: A Christian Perspective and Response
2015-06-18 Dad to Dad : Successful Parenting
2015-04-18 Treating Children as Adults
2015-04-16 Teen Self-Harm: What Parents Need to Know
2015-03-12 A Biblical Approach to Dealing with Rebellion
2015-03-05 How Can I Establish Discipline in My Home?
2015-02-16 How Do I Keep My Family Safe?
2015-01-26 Parenting Transitions: Dealing with the Empty Nest
2014-11-05 Wants vs. Needs: The Entitlement Trap
2014-10-08 Should I let my child quit?
2014-09-03 Conflict: Setting the Scene to Reorient Hearts
2014-08-21 Scriptural Truths for Parents
2014-08-20 Advice From an Experienced Parent: Five Things Empty-Nesters Never Say
2014-08-07 Parenting a Stubborn Child: Learning Patience and Grace
2014-07-31 Kids and the Cool Factor
2014-06-26 A Walk of Trust: Waiting For Your Children To Own Their Faith
2014-04-22 Balancing Technology in the Family
2013-10-22 Parenting Teens: First Time Driver
2013-09-12 Parenting Teens: Don't Lose Hope
2013-08-19 Dating Qualifications: So You'd Like to go out With Someone...