Articles by Nadia Swearingen-Friesen

2022-07-17 Parenting Through Exhaustion
2022-06-29 There’s no App for That: Raising our Children in Faith
2022-05-11 Balancing Technology Use
2022-02-27 Guiding Children to Respect their Grandparents
2022-01-05 Nourishing Faith through Daily Devotions
2021-12-26 Wonderfully Made: Your Child and You
2021-12-05 Bringing Meaning to Advent
2021-11-28 Advent Hope
2021-06-02 Finding God in the Garden
2021-05-26 Building God's Kingdom Through Mundane Parenting Tasks
2021-03-28 Easter Grace: Seize the Teaching Opportunity
2020-07-01 What Parents Can Offer on a Very Bad Day
2020-06-21 Help for Parents: Persevering Through Challenges
2020-05-27 Sibling Rivalry: Embracing the Gift of One Another
2019-09-15 Creating Teenagers that You Actually Like
2019-08-21 The Beginning of School: Make a Fresh Start
2019-08-18 Learning to Love School
2019-08-07 Not What We Dreamed
2019-06-26 Crying Babies and Taking a Breath
2019-06-19 Releasing Criticism, Teaching Discernment
2019-06-16 Parenting Choices: Punishment or Discipline?
2019-06-05 Nurturing Faith: Letting Our Children Go
2019-05-15 Navigating Team Sports and Cheering Them On
2019-05-12 Dreaming of Summer: Embracing Downtime
2019-03-31 Worth the Drive
2019-03-17 Allowing Our Kids to Fall
2019-03-06 Nurturing Faith: Knowing His Word or Knowing Him?
2019-03-03 Teaching Compassion
2019-02-24 Teenagers and Attitude
2019-01-30 Praying For Our Children
2018-12-16 Spiritual Intimacy: Immanuel Today
2018-12-12 Holiday Parties and Kids: Balancing Needs at Christmas Time
2018-12-09 Family Traditions: Christmas Trees and Emmanuel
2018-12-07 Blended Families and Holidays
2018-11-20 Teaching Our Children to Marvel
2018-11-18 Choosing to Model Joy
2018-10-17 Kids and Chores
2018-07-25 Being Present with Our Kids
2018-07-08 Life Lessons from My Child
2018-06-27 When Our Children Struggle
2018-06-21 Summer Goals: Time to Focus
2018-06-18 Cultivating Our Kids
2018-06-11 A Parent's Job
2018-04-26 Cultivating Rest as a Family
2018-04-16 Spiritual Formation: Springing to Life
2018-04-08 Teaching Children Not to Hit
2018-03-26 Speaking the Truth in Love
2017-12-30 A Brand New Year for Families: How Will You Be Changed?
2017-11-20 Preparing for the Holidays
2017-10-05 Cultivating Gratitude
2017-08-10 Family Time and Dirty Feet
2017-08-07 Helping Children See God: His Hand in Creation
2017-08-03 Connecting Children to God’s Story
2017-07-27 Busy Weekends and Observing the Sabbath
2017-07-24 Kid's Summertime Media Use
2017-06-19 Parenting: Seeking Advice, Finding Wisdom
2017-06-15 Teaching Our Children
2017-06-08 Letting Go: I Drove My Boy to Camp
2017-06-01 Creative Family Worship
2017-05-25 Christian Parenting: The Tale Your Life Will Tell
2017-05-11 Disciplining Your Child and Making a Difference
2017-05-01 On the Parent Playground: Community or Comfort Zone?
2017-04-27 Trusting God with Our Children
2017-04-10 Go Outside: Engaging Children in Creation
2017-04-06 Engaging Our Children in Faith
2017-01-30 Evaluating our Schedule and Choosing to Cut Back
2016-11-21 Teaching Obedience
2016-07-06 A Christian Parent’s Response to Authority
2016-05-01 Mom Wars
2015-09-17 Equip Children for Learning Success
2015-09-08 Finding Parenting Perspective: Long Days of Parenting
2015-09-03 Fostering Independence in Teens: A Gift Before They Go
2015-01-05 Carrying Advent into the New Year
2015-01-03 Spiritual Formation: Beginning with Babies
2014-12-11 Connecting with Grandparents: Blessed by Investment
2014-11-05 Wants vs. Needs: The Entitlement Trap
2014-08-12 Back to School: Summer Closure
2014-07-31 Kids and the Cool Factor
2014-07-16 The Consistency of Revolutionary Parenting
2014-07-15 Revolutionary Parenting: Raising a Spiritual Champion
2014-06-18 Making Summer Memories: Day Trips Together
2014-06-13 Making Summer Memories: Family Campfires
2014-06-06 Making Summer Memories: Time to Play Outside
2014-05-22 Year End Traditions: Saying Thank You to our Teachers
2014-05-15 Summer Planning: Making the Most of Down Time
2014-04-22 Balancing Technology in the Family
2014-03-19 Standing Firm in Faith: Facing Fear
2014-03-18 What’s a Parent To Do: How to Get Kids to Obey
2014-03-03 Releasing Discontent
2014-02-13 How Can I Be a Better Parent Than Mine Were?
2014-01-16 Parenting: Fostering Sibling Connections
2013-12-17 Restoring the Holy in the Holiday
2013-12-11 Parenting: Never Give Up
2013-12-09 Parenting: Fostering Compassion with an Offering of Coins
2013-12-03 Christian Parenting: Fans or Followers?
2013-11-27 Parenting: Thankfulness in Action
2013-11-21 Parenting: It All Matters
2013-11-11 Preparing for the Holidays with Thanksgiving
2013-11-07 Nurturing Faith and Baking Cookies
2013-11-03 Friends and Bullies: What Must Parents Do?
2013-10-22 Parenting Teens: First Time Driver
2013-10-20 Teaching about God through Apples
2013-09-12 Parenting Teens: Don't Lose Hope
2013-08-27 Adoption Questions We Wish We Weren’t Asked
2013-05-20 Parenting: Inviting Picky Eaters to God's table