Articles by Rev. Kelly Vander Woude

2021-11-23 Choosing Gratitude
2019-06-09 Handling Conflict Constructively
2019-03-20 Reconciling our Conflict with Reconciliation
2019-01-27 Confronting My Fears
2019-01-06 Self-Esteem: Object in Mirror is NOT as it Seems
2018-11-14 Obtaining a New Mancard: Facing Unemployment
2018-11-07 Confronting our Mortality
2018-10-21 Letting Go of Shame
2018-10-07 A Broken and Imperfect Fellowship
2018-10-03 Listening To Your Spouse
2018-09-30 Rejoice in the Lord Always? O Boy...
2018-09-23 Continuing the Date
2018-09-16 Finding Peace Amid Pain
2018-08-19 Loving the Enemy
2018-07-15 Promises to My Child
2018-05-28 Reconciling My Impatience with God
2018-05-21 Finding a Healthy Self-Image
2018-05-07 Finding Hope Amid Suffering
2018-04-23 Choosing Sabbath Rest
2018-04-09 Redefining Success
2018-04-02 Eradicating Envy
2018-03-19 Finding Healthy Space with Technology
2018-03-05 Advice for High School Dating
2018-02-22 Striving to Be One
2018-02-12 Navigating In-law Relationships
2018-02-05 Assessing a Date: Looking Deeply
2018-01-29 Guidelines for Establishing a Godly Home
2018-01-25 Too Busy for Sex?
2018-01-22 Stop Making Comparisons
2018-01-15 Glorifying God in Our Dating Relationships
2018-01-11 Praying with Your Spouse
2017-12-21 Choosing Joy over Happiness
2017-12-18 Surviving the Family Drama of the Holidays
2017-12-07 Fighting the holiday gift game
2017-12-04 Breaking Traditions
2017-11-30 Holiday Grace
2017-11-02 Living with Self-Doubt
2017-10-23 Becoming Stewards of God’s Gifts
2017-10-16 Learning Forgiveness from the Psalmist
2017-10-12 Drinking from the Well of God
2017-09-14 Taming the Tongue