Articles by Dr. Robert Ritzema

2022-11-23 Defusing Sibling Rivalry
2022-10-26 When a Family Member Needs a Caregiver
2022-10-23 What Does It Mean to Honor Aging Parents?
2022-05-18 How Do I Leave My Parents?
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2021-12-01 Have Hope For Your Marriage
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2019-07-17 Help Me Understand My Phone Focused Child!
2019-05-22 Responding to a Difficult Daughter-in-Law
2019-03-24 The Difficult Daughter (or Son)-In-Law
2019-02-03 The Changing Role of the Elderly in Society
2018-10-14 Creating Successful Children By Emphasizing Values
2018-09-19 Relinquishing Control of Adult Children
2018-08-29 When an Adult Child is Mentally Ill : Dos and Don'ts of Responding
2018-08-26 When an Adult Child is Mentally Ill: Handling Feelings
2018-07-02 Being Grandma, Not the Babysitter
2018-06-25 What Older Adults Can Teach Us About Relationships
2018-03-12 Adult Children Caring for Elderly Parents: Building Perspective
2017-07-13 Should I Provide Financial Help for an Adult Child?
2017-05-22 The Benefits of Hardship
2017-02-27 Avoiding Gray Divorce: Marriage Risk After 50
2017-02-02 The First Step Towards Freedom from Pornography
2017-01-26 Help Your Children Gain Independence
2016-07-25 Grieving Unfulfilled Expectations for a Child
2016-06-09 Giving Our Blessing
2016-03-17 Parenting Adult Children: Lessons from King Lear
2016-02-18 Understanding and Help For The Sexless Marriage
2015-08-03 Material Living, Material Parenting